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Anti-snoring ring ref: BAR002
22 black epoxy cylinders D3x6 and 1 silver plated bead D5
i.e. 7 cm around the finger
(3x6 cylinder supplements €1.00 and D5 beads €1.50)
Realization of the ring:
The ring is made of 100% natural magnet stone, helps prevent snoring, sleep apnea and provides better breathing.
Put the ring on the little finger of the left hand 15 minutes before going to bed, make sure it is tight to prevent it from moving.
People with a pacemaker.
People with hemophilia.
Pregnant women under 3 months.

NIGHT ring ref: BAR002

  • 22 cylindres epoxy noir D3x6 et 1 perle plaqué argent D5 soit 7 cm de tour de doigt.

    >> ssupplements cylindres 3x6 1,00 € et perles D5 1,50 €

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